American Standard 2004.014.020 Champion-4 One-Piece Toilet Review

Looking for an elegant and elongated design of American Standard toilet brands? Here is the Ultimate American Standard 2004.014.020 Champion-4 Elongated One-Piece Toilet, it came with a modernized design and has a high quality of Champion-4 flushing systems. This is also suited for commercial and home toilets usage and this magnificent one piece toilet allows you to feel comfortable to use and with a reasonable price.

With the High Technology flushing performance you can’t imagine how this toilet can stop you from worrying with the toilet clogging issues. You don’t need to call a plumber neither buy an expensive chemicals to maintain the cleanliness and good looking of this toilet.

Rating Statistics
31 customers rated this toilet for 4.3 out of out of 5 stars, 22 of them gave 5 stars and only 2 customers rated 1 star.

How this Champion-4 Elongated One piece Toilet works?

This toilet has a minimal water consumption of 6.0 lpf/1.6 gpf, with 2-3/8 Inch fully glazed trapway and 4-Inch piston-action Accelerator flush valve this will give you a strong flushing performance and can save a lot of water in your household. Through a thorough factory test this toilet has reached the highest bulk removal which is 1000 grams in every flush. Also it has a 100% factory flush tested to make sure that there’s no more clogging issues and no need to call a plumber. It means that the Champion 4 toilet allows you to flush with confidence and no need to worry plunging a toilet again.

Main features of the toilet
In order to provide a high standard performance, this toilet has a largest fully glazed trapway and has a wide open of 2-3/8-inch Champion trapway. that can physically move a 40% percent larger sediments than a 2-1/8-inch trapway and almost 70% of the larger sediments than a standard two-inch trapway.

Desirable price
Even though that this toilet doesn’t came with a free seat still it has a manageable price that allows you to feel the satisfaction and assurance on this product. Most of the customers said that the price is worthy with this kind of toilet performance. You can already save money by not calling a plumber from time to time to fix any toilet issue plus hassle free.

Cleaning problems
You dont need to worry too much on how to clean this toilet since this American Standard Champion 4 elongated one piece toilet has a Everclean surface that uses an antimicrobial properties of silver which eliminates bacteria, molds and mildew from growing in the toilet surface plus it helps repel toilet mess.

Customer reasons why they rated 4.3 stars

  • Griz says ” I installed the toilet by myself and wasn’t too difficult also it eventually flushes perfectly and consumes very little water”
  • Robert commented that ” It is very attractive and beautiful one piece white toilet, even my visitors loves it”
  • John strongly says ” I haven’t used the plunger ever since I have this toilet is totally amazing”
  • Jerry advises that ” I strongly and would highly recommend this and for a trouble free toilet that I have”
  • Wayne says ” We research all the best toilet products then we found this model and we never regret it”

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