Brief about Soccer balls and its making

One of the most popular sporting events in the world is the game of Soccer. It’s popularly known as soccer but is also referred as football in certain parts of the globe. The significant part of this game is its Soccer Ball, let’s look into its certain aspects in this article, the soccer ball is made of leather or rubber.

Standardization of Soccer Ball

The first association to set rules for Soccer Ball is the London Football Association way back in 1863. It defined some standardization for the ball. In the year 1872 both England and Scotland considered that the game of soccer would be one of their major sporting events. In the 1908 Olympics the game of Soccer was incorporated official in the Olympics. It was in the year of 1930 that the very first soccer world cup was played.

A brief about the Soccer Game

This is for those who don’t know the basics of Soccer game. The game of Soccer is played between two teams each team consists of 11 players, two soccer goals posts are set up at opposite ends of the playing field, the team players should kick the soccer ball against the opposition team’s goal keeper making the ball pass the goal post. This is a game where the players are not allowed to use their hands, other than the hand they can use any other part of their body. There is a provision only for the goal keeper to use his hands for defending or for passing the ball. Whenever any team commits a foul particularly inside the boundary, then the opposition team is granted a penalty kick.

During the penalty shootout a direct kick is granted to the team, in this shot no other player is supposed to touch the ball other than the goal keeper until the goal is scored.

It’s interesting to know the development of soccer balls, in the early days of the game they were produced totally of synthetic material. But in coming stages i.e., around 1980’s the synthetic leather completely switched into a leather ball. During the make of this the soccer balls provided more consistent flight and bounce, which was good for the game. Even the today’s synthetics which are used in the soccer balls imitate the same cell structure and quality of leather but with much less of water absorption.

Present age soccer ball mainly consists of nearly 20 hexagonal (6 faced) and 12 pentagonal surfaces (5 faced). They are basted together and also exaggerated then they make up to almost an unadulterated sphere.

The magical construction of the soccer ball includes the mix of various materials. The most used components in building a soccer ball are the concealment, the embroidery, the lining, and most important the bladder. These components when built in tandem make up the perfect soccer ball.

When you observe the surface of soccer ball it is made of synthetic. The synthetic leather is usually made from the built of PVC and PU. You will observe many variations of synthetic leather which in use in the making of soccer balls. The best lot among the soccer balls are manufactured using Mircofiber, Ducksung, AI-2000, Cordley and other types of PU synthetic leather. The general promotional soccer balls are usually assembled with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or rubber (which is stitched or molded) covers. There are few certain indoor soccer balls whose concealments are made from felt material which is same as those used on the tennis balls.

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