Homak HS40221120 12 Gun Safe Review

Maintaining the security of one’s firearms is a top priority for many home owners out there. If there is a break in, many owners don’t want to imagine losing their firearms to a burglar. But there are many other issues that may actually affect whether the firearms can be stored in these areas.

For instance, fires or storms can cause a lot of harm to the structure of homes. It would be good to have a gun safe that can defend firearms against these different elements. Some people may actually be interested in getting linked up with a reliable gun safe that has been approved for use with the firearms that they currently own. This is exactly what they can get with the Homak HS40221120 12 Gun Safe .


When looking for the right kind of biometric handgun safe to have installed in a home, buyers should take style in to consideration. The HS40221120 12 Gun Safe offers a great looking design, which actually has a very retro feel to it. Some people will appreciate the chance to have this unit set up for their home soon. It can be installed safely in to just about any room, which will make it a very versatile piece to have around as well.

Body Construction

Many buyers will be interested in getting this safe because it has a long body that will help store many different guns. Some owners will tend to have a few different rifles of different lengths which will be a challenge to store, but the Homak HS40221120 12 Gun Safe will provide the room to do just that since it offers almost 59″ of interior height within the safe itself. It also includes roughly 16″ of width inside of it which can help people store multiple guns inside of the case. The safe itself is made of 2mm thick steel plating which will help maintain the quality of the structure over time. It will be impact resistant preventing thieves from being able to simply break in to the safe itself.